Why my Husband is better than yours!

I am sitting here at work and was just thinking about how my husband is better than anyone else's :) Here are a few reasons why:

1. Great cook! This is a must because I really suck/hate cooking, Tyler makes the best pork chops all seasoned and delicious!
2. Witty, he will kick your ass in any debate or conversation...he just says the wittiest stuff!
3. Laid back, I love that he just wants to make a big cozy bed in the living room and just lay around together; because I constantly have to be doing something its nice to have someone to calm you down.
4. Control, he lets me take control because he knows thats just me :) not alot of men can do that.
5. Creative- umm have you seen his blog?! he has got the craziest thoughts running around his head, I have never known anyone so creative.
6. He cleans! He has done the dishes, vacuming, laundry, and organizing of the office all just in the last week....now thats a good man :)
7. Support, whatever crazy ambition I come up with he is always there to support me even if its crazy! (marathon)
8. I woke up the other morning and I found a note on the TV saying " Happy Anniversary" it was our 20 month anniversary....how many guys remember that?!
9. Knowledge of scriptures and church doctrine, it amazes me how much I dont know or dont remember when I hear him talking about church. It really nice to have someone who you can ask questions to and get the answer without feeling completly stupid.
10. About 15 times a day I get to hear how pretty he thinks I am :)

Okay there are LOTS of other reasons but I am at work and can't write any others. Just know that I think my husband is way better than yours!

The Hell that is School/Things I recommend

So this is probably more of a venting post....but I can't understand why I (or we) pay colleges large amounts of money to do anything BUT teach you. UGH! My business law class is ridiculous.....please tell me how giving your students take home test every week and lectures that include talking about how to fill in a scantron sheet is really going to teach me about business law. Why do I need a freakin teacher when all he does is make us do take home test and learn about scantrons. All I feel like I am learning right now is how to open a book and find an answer....whoop-di-freakin-do!!!!!!!!

Anyways, besides that life is pretty much the same. I did however find out that my mom and I are going to an Oprah taping October 9th and then to Wicked performance on October 10th! My mom just turned 40 years old today in fact so its our little get-away for her birthday. I am super excited to go to Chicago I think we will have a great time!

We are both just working hard and pretty much living for the weekends :) I tried Sushi for my first time the other day and it was fabulous! I recommend going to Sekai Sushi on Gilbert and Southern wonderful service and food!

I also recently had a personal trainer for about 6 weeks, it was a great deal about 6 session for $75-$100 at Golds Gym. I highly recommend getting a personal trainer even if its for just one or two sessions, they really help you to better understand weights and how they can help you loose weight and tone up.

I am also training for the Rock N Roll marathon on January 18th! If anyone wants to join my training it "officially" starts next week, but I have been working on it for the last 3 weeks! Its great cause tyler got some rollerblades and he skates with me on my long runs, thats wonderful quality time together :)

Thats it for now, hope you all are doing well!!