Best pictures ever!

Tylers Aunt Jill is an AMAZING photographer....I love all her work.
I was so excited when she said she would take some pictures of my baby Gwennie!
Gwen is 1 month old in these pictures ( she is no 2 1/2 months old crazy!)

I love the first picture because that is her classic face....a grimace with her fist by her head classic :)

The above is my favorite of Gwen it is just so precious!

I ABSOLUTELY love that I have some pictures of me feeding Gwen...that is always a special time with her...I also love the time when she first wakes up...that is when you get the BEST smiles :)

SOOOO cute right??? Tyler is the best daddy ever! I wished we had more pictures but he was being a turd and didnt want too cause his face was sunburn

I love my baby girl.

Swib Design Giveaway!

My super cool Aunt Jill is doing a Swib Design Giveaway!

Check out this super cool headbands and hairclips....and then submit for the giveaway!

Stolen from Aunt Jills Blog:

My friend Cicily, one of THE COOLEST people on the planet has agreed to let me giveaway one of her coolio hair pieces. They are ridiculously hip and they just slide right on to the head band. Which means, you can get one headband of hers, and then just keep changing it out with each piece you buy.

Check it

So what do you win?

A headband with a hairpiece of your choice that slides right on.

So how do you win?

You can get 1 entry for following Swib Design on Twitter.
You can get 1 entry for becoming a fan on facebook
You can get 2 entries for pimping this giveaway on your blog
You can get 3 entries by checking out SWIB DESIGN website

Easy right?

....then go to her blog and submit your entries

Have fun :)

Lets just skip the crawl and learn to walk!

Gwen has decided that she loves to stand! Its pretty ridiculous!

But I think she is pretty dang cute!!!

lol- she loves to sleep in her bobby....and always looks the cutest when she is sleeping :)