Last Day at LJW

My desk area

My Office-I share with Joyce :)

Amanda-Recent Account Executive/Friend

Angela-Super awesome graphic artist

Joyce-Print Coordinator/Wonder Woman

Well today was my last day at Larry John Wright- I had a wonderful time working there. I learned a lot that will help me in any future career and I met tons of wonderful people. Here are a couple of pictures from my last day. I am really getting nervous about moving- fear of the unknown is never fun.. We just finally starting the whole moving process today(little late, I know) I hope all goes well. I will keep you updated!

"Bad Attitude"

So- Apparently after taking a day off work and driving three hours to an interview for a position that has already been filled gives you a bad attitude.

Monday I drove up for an interview at a doctors office- called ahead and asked for directions get there like 30 min early so I chill at Tyler's parents house. Go over to the Dr. Office walk in and they lady says, " Oh no one called you? The position has been filled." WTF?!?! Thanks for letting me know! Are you going to compensate me for my time???

P.S. They KNEW I was coming up from the valley.

Are people in this world really that rude?

Anyways- the Lord always provides because that afternoon the hospital up there called me for a second interview :) So all in all I guess it was probably a good thing they filled that stupid position.

I feel like all my post are me venting- but isnt that what a journal type thing is for?!

Daly Family Pics!

Okay- Here is just a taste of Jills (Tylers Aunt) amazing work as a photographer!

She took some pictures for the Daly Christmas Card....Some of these are just goofy which is my favorite :)


Holy Crap- it is official. Tyler and I will be moving up to Pinetop/Showlow on December 20th. This has just happened so fast- within the last two weeks.

The reason for this crazy move is to help move along Tyler's schooling. Tyler will be attending NPC in Showlow. For the next three semesters he will be finishing up any pre-reqs that he needs, including a nursing assistant class. In the Fall of 2010 we hope to start the Nursing program (which does not have a year in a half waiting list like MCC) and go from there. The other bonus to moving up to Showlow is the new hospital that is opened up is feeding the new Nursing Students to work at the hospital. We hope to work there until we get into a PA school.

We are both interviewing with Summit Health Care this week ( The hospital up in Showlow) we hope that these interviews go well :) . We are planning on living with his parents for a little bit until we get everything settled.

I personally am excited to be close to family- we havent been for the last 2 years. I feel like even though this is completly out of my comfort zone ( nothing is completely organized or confirmed which freaks me out!) I know that this will help my family.

Sometimes you need a good kick in the pants to get things moving! ;)

Sorry I havent posted in forever- just havent had much to say until now. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday we had a great time at his parents house.

We would LOVE to visit with everyone before we leave!