Good News!

So- I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I was SOOO nervous about this new job. Basically "if" you are lucky to be hired on as full time you either work at :
1. The consumers (basically the adults with disabilities and there are about 2-4 in each home) you would go to there house with about 2 other people and cook, clean, bath, change them, etc.
2. Work in the DTA program which is basically a day program from 8-4pm Monday-Friday where you do crafts, bowling, vocational work, etc.

I am soo lucky that I was one of the only of 16 placed into the DTA program! How awesome and fun will that be!!! I am pretty excited to have a job especially in these hard times. I know Tyler and I dont look like we have much but we are working hard to get a wonderful life- and we WILL have it....and it WILL last a long time. This is a great opportunity- with this job it will prepare me for Nursing which is what Tyler and I are going into.

Its hard for me because I used to see everyone our age with nicer cars, TV's, children, etc and we didnt have those things. But, I am grateful for a husband and family who keep me focused on what we are working towards!

Best Week Ever

My Super Sexy Husband with the Cute Walle!

Me at Tom Sawyers Island- Which is sadly now a pirate island


Umm- Super Awesome Picture!

Cute Hat-With my HOT Husband!

So Tyler and I decided to do something completely irresponsible :) We went to Disneyland! And...the best news is I got a job and today was my first day. We had a great trip and it worked out perfectly before I started work! I am working at TLC, I will be working with adults with severe mental retardation. It sounds challenging but I know I can do a great job! Enjoy the pics :)