Lake 2010

Gwen is teething! Hurray! She loves chewing on our fingers...not her chew toys its super fun :)

Cute cousin Beck loved Gwen it was so adorable!

We had a lot of fun at Roosevelt Lake...we only got to go for one day but we had a blast! Gwen did not love the water but she loves being outdoors so much!

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures!

These two photos are of Gwennie in her outfit that Grandma Daly got her...I think she looks like a Gerber baby :)

Gwens first time eating rice cereal...dont let that face fool you....she LOVED it!

These three photos are of Tyler, Gwen and I at my friend Malories wedding....I just loved Gwens pearls! She was such a hit with the photographers :)

The pictures below are all from Gwen and I visiting my family in Minnesota. She is so dang cute!