Bare Belly!

I am 31wks! Wow times goes by fast!

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As you can tell I am getting bigger But its fun to feel all her crazy movements! What an active baby she is already. We are almost totally ready for her. Thank you to everyone that came to the baby shower!


I was a goddess of fertility- because I'm pregnant :) get it?......
Okay it was kinda lame but I did make the costume....and we went to a party but I am a lame pregnant lady and was tired by midnight lol

Tyler was a zombie hitler- he looked scary.

I made the swastika- who knew that would take 3 hrs...and I felt kinda bad that I was proud of myself for doing a good job :) But he looked great and had fun!

Baby Shower!

Everyone is invited! So come!
I dont have everyones address so if you read my blog this is your invite :)
In case you cant read the invite:

Saturday November 7th 11AM
2257 S Sixhooter Rd
Apache Junction, Az 85218
RSVP to Jazzy #4803230344


New Preggo Pics

Flower Hair Accessories for Gwen :) Planning on have different colored head bands with a loop then I can switch out the flowers and bows (havent made those yet)

22 Weeks today- Gwen is moving soooo much!


I am for sure doing the painting on the above but instead of an "L" a "G" for Gwen :)

Here are a couple of ideas I have for baby colors and fabrics :)

It's a Girl!

YEAH! We are having a baby girl!

I am twenty weeks and one day...and feeling great!

We are very excited :)


We are having a baby! I am 7 weeks on Monday- and due around February 9th! We are totally shocked but excited. If you have any pregnancy tips please share- I am completely exhausted! I will keep everyone updated.

The Dalys

Shopping Wish List

Vintage hems- they go under dresses that are too short! how cute!

I know- I know I have a shopping problem! But how can i resist!

Tylers 25th Birthday!

Aww- Why am I sooo white :(

He would make a cute spider-man :)

Ashley and I :)

Super Awesome Spider-Man Cake!

Tyler turned 25 today! I love him soo much! Happy Birthday Honey!

Jazzy's 21st Birthday

Everyone at Bucca De Beppo

Jasmin taking pictures for everyone

Me, Jazzy, and her baby Hannah!

Jazzy and Hannah

Jazzy and I :)

This last weekend was Jazzy's 21st Birthday- we had a blast at Bucca De Beppo! Here are a couple of quick pictures. Also, that last job that I posted about didnt work out- but it looks like I got a job at Summit Health Care as a PRN- which is great! I will update you when I hear the official word. Also- Aunt Kim I cant look at your page because I think its me an invite so I can see your beautiful family!!!! UGH- and can you believe that I have NEVER gotten into an accident or gotten a ticket yet- but today I got pulled over for speeding on my way home THEN pulled over again because my brake light is out :( gosh dang it!

Good News!

So- I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I was SOOO nervous about this new job. Basically "if" you are lucky to be hired on as full time you either work at :
1. The consumers (basically the adults with disabilities and there are about 2-4 in each home) you would go to there house with about 2 other people and cook, clean, bath, change them, etc.
2. Work in the DTA program which is basically a day program from 8-4pm Monday-Friday where you do crafts, bowling, vocational work, etc.

I am soo lucky that I was one of the only of 16 placed into the DTA program! How awesome and fun will that be!!! I am pretty excited to have a job especially in these hard times. I know Tyler and I dont look like we have much but we are working hard to get a wonderful life- and we WILL have it....and it WILL last a long time. This is a great opportunity- with this job it will prepare me for Nursing which is what Tyler and I are going into.

Its hard for me because I used to see everyone our age with nicer cars, TV's, children, etc and we didnt have those things. But, I am grateful for a husband and family who keep me focused on what we are working towards!

Best Week Ever

My Super Sexy Husband with the Cute Walle!

Me at Tom Sawyers Island- Which is sadly now a pirate island


Umm- Super Awesome Picture!

Cute Hat-With my HOT Husband!

So Tyler and I decided to do something completely irresponsible :) We went to Disneyland! And...the best news is I got a job and today was my first day. We had a great trip and it worked out perfectly before I started work! I am working at TLC, I will be working with adults with severe mental retardation. It sounds challenging but I know I can do a great job! Enjoy the pics :)