Cliche About Me Post

i am: Careena Marie Daly
i know: that i cant cook :)
i want: to finish school, learn hebrew, and go to Israel before we have kids
i have: a wonderful marriage
i wish: we both were done with school
i hate: cleaning the cat litter box
i miss: my family
i fear: decapitation
i feel: really tired right now
i hear: typing on the keyboard
i need: to go to bed earlier
i crave: cheese sticks all the time
i search: for people i know on blogger
i wonder: why i am filling this out
i regret: having a potty mouth
i love: laying around and talking to tyler
i care: about our future
i always: speak before i think
i am not: the best listener in the world
i believe: in friendship
i dance: only if tyler makes me
i sing: only in the car
i don’t always: take showers
i fight: not very well
i write: only on a blog
i lose: my mind when i see how much we spend :)
i win: when i put my mind too it
i never: win a fight with tyler (he pinches hard!)
i listen: to horrible music and i need to stop :)
i am scared: of failing
i need: to be hugged alot more than the average person
i am happy about: my life

Fright Night

So Ashley (sis-in-law) and I decided to dress up and go to Atomic Comics fright night. It was a pretty crazy experience, one that I will not let our children have. But enjoy the awesome pics!
PS....I think Tyler and I make a pretty sick goth couple :)


Just wanted to start out my new blog with a an update post. Tyler is the Floor supervisor at Atomic Comics in Mesa. He is doing such a great job over there! He is thinking about working in the medical we might be getting a new job at a hospital, but for right now we are great where we are at. I am working at Larry John Wright Advertising Agency as a Print Coordinator. Its a stressful job but I am learning many new skills that I know will further me :) I am also starting school August 25th taking 2 classes that will help me work towards my Business degree. BattleCat is crazy as ever we really enjoy him around the house and he is all the kid we need right now! Here are a couple of pictures!