Jazzy's 21st Birthday

Everyone at Bucca De Beppo

Jasmin taking pictures for everyone

Me, Jazzy, and her baby Hannah!

Jazzy and Hannah

Jazzy and I :)

This last weekend was Jazzy's 21st Birthday- we had a blast at Bucca De Beppo! Here are a couple of quick pictures. Also, that last job that I posted about didnt work out- but it looks like I got a job at Summit Health Care as a PRN- which is great! I will update you when I hear the official word. Also- Aunt Kim I cant look at your page because I think its private...email me an invite so I can see your beautiful family!!!! UGH- and can you believe that I have NEVER gotten into an accident or gotten a ticket yet- but today I got pulled over for speeding on my way home THEN pulled over again because my brake light is out :( gosh dang it!